Inspiration: Jimi Hendrix – Red House

In honor of Jimi Hendrix’s seventy-sixth birthday. Born on this day in 1942. 

A lot of people start playing guitar because they heard Jimi Hendrix (or some other artist). I started listening to Jimi Hendrix after I started playing guitar. Regardless, of the impetus for my guitar playing or listening to Jimi Hendrix, I love to hear and watch him play — his more bluesy tunes, in particular.

I’m fortunate that I live just south of Seattle. As such, I make annual pilgrimages to Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, Washington to visit Jimi’s memorial. When I started visiting his grave site some twenty years ago, all that lie in the ground was a simple headstone with his name, dates of birth and death, and a Stratocaster guitar upon it. Some years later, a memorial was built in his honor. Below are pictures from a couple of visits: one with my son (pictured) and another with my wife (not pictured).

Hendrix Memorial
Memorial to Jimi Hendrix – Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, Washington
Hendrix Headstone
Original headstone that once lay in the ground, now a part of memorial
Hendrix and family
Hendrix and family
Son visits Hendrix Memorial
My son on a visit to Hendrix Memorial, about six years ago

Update on Playing
I’ve been playing a lot since I last posted my hours (November 13, I believe). I’ve easily put in 30-hours, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday break that just passed. I’ve been much more intentional in my practice. I’m working a lot of mechanical exercises that are helping with my fluidity, while continuing to get plenty of time with repertoire. I’ve also been playing in front of and around people a lot (something new for me). I’m getting quite comfortable playing for/around other people. I’m very happy with my progress right now.

11/14 – 11/27 Time: 30 hours

Total Time: 54 hours

Time Remaining: 9,946 hours

Make it a  phenomenal day!

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