Jason Becker Lick Over Jazz Chord Progression (Video) and More

The video above is my first post to my YouTube Channel, Guitar 10000 (https://youtu.be/jS33j5eESHU). It’s the first of many I hope to post, documenting my journey to become a performing musician in fifteen years (when I retire). It’s a Jason Becker lick over a jazz chord progression.  It’s a fun little lick.  It was a great exercise, too, for working with a backing track.

Away a While, But Still Learning!
Despite the fact I haven’t posted in a long time, I’ve remained hard at work learning how to play guitar.  I’ve also been hard at work ironing out a solid practice routine (there’s so much to learn, it’s easy to get lost in the scramble to do too many things).  In addition, I’ve been working hard at learning how to record and edit audio and video.

Last month, I joined a group on Facebook called, Play Jazz Guitar.  It’s helped immensely. The group’s founder/moderator, Matt Warnock, teaches guitar through song.  That may sound like a no-brainer to folks, but it’s not easy to do.  Matt provides a structure and depth to learning a new jazz standard each month.  What’s more, this group is a friendly, safe environment in which to learn with one another. Players regularly post videos and offer positive, constructive feedback.

Updating My Workout Routine and Stats
I’ll take some time tomorrow to update my workout routine and stats. Though I’ve not posted, I’ve averaged 2+ hours of practice on most days. I’m on winter break (I’m a teacher) and have been able to put in 4+ hours on most days. It’s been a productive break!

Happy New Year!

Inspiration: Jimi Hendrix – Red House

In honor of Jimi Hendrix’s seventy-sixth birthday. Born on this day in 1942. 

A lot of people start playing guitar because they heard Jimi Hendrix (or some other artist). I started listening to Jimi Hendrix after I started playing guitar. Regardless, of the impetus for my guitar playing or listening to Jimi Hendrix, I love to hear and watch him play — his more bluesy tunes, in particular.

I’m fortunate that I live just south of Seattle. As such, I make annual pilgrimages to Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, Washington to visit Jimi’s memorial. When I started visiting his grave site some twenty years ago, all that lie in the ground was a simple headstone with his name, dates of birth and death, and a Stratocaster guitar upon it. Some years later, a memorial was built in his honor. Below are pictures from a couple of visits: one with my son (pictured) and another with my wife (not pictured).

Hendrix Memorial
Memorial to Jimi Hendrix – Greenwood Memorial Park, Renton, Washington
Hendrix Headstone
Original headstone that once lay in the ground, now a part of memorial
Hendrix and family
Hendrix and family
Son visits Hendrix Memorial
My son on a visit to Hendrix Memorial, about six years ago

Update on Playing
I’ve been playing a lot since I last posted my hours (November 13, I believe). I’ve easily put in 30-hours, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday break that just passed. I’ve been much more intentional in my practice. I’m working a lot of mechanical exercises that are helping with my fluidity, while continuing to get plenty of time with repertoire. I’ve also been playing in front of and around people a lot (something new for me). I’m getting quite comfortable playing for/around other people. I’m very happy with my progress right now.

11/14 – 11/27 Time: 30 hours

Total Time: 54 hours

Time Remaining: 9,946 hours

Make it a  phenomenal day!